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Edition Pre-Listen

Pre-Listen the Edition records:

The two 12" records are only available within the PUBLIC FOLDER #3 EDITION box


  Justus Köhncke – System als Schönheit
The audio part of Köhncke’s contribution for the book: a conceptual composition, transforming the Unix software development timeline to sound as played from a metal dubplate in Köhncke's installation from 2012.

B1  Jörg Sasse – Voyager (1980)
Tape recording soundcollage Jörg Sasse did in 1980, using radio reports about the Voyager mission

B2  Jens-Uwe Beyer – Black Ocean - Blue Sea 
The composition of nearly 18 minutes is a tribute to a soundcollage from the Golden Record in which history of earth and humankind is set to sound.


A1  A.W. – Per Monstra Ad Astra
Morse code of Aby Warburgs „per monstra ad astra“, as a citation of Kepler’s (and Sagan’s) motto „per aspera ad astra“, which is stored as morse code on the Golden Record.

A2  Voyager 1 Plasma Wave System (Nasa) – 12.-13. November 1980 (Saturn)
Plasma wave recording of Voyager’s Saturn fly-by. The Plasma Wave Subsystem is one of the science experiments of the Voyager probes. It detects plasma waves between 10 Hz and 56 kHz, which makes it possible to represent the data as sound waves.

F. D. – Arecibo Message
This sequence of two tones is an early SETI message, which decrypts to a binary pixel image. Initiated and sent in 1974 by Frank D. Drake who is one of the main founders of the Golden Record.

B  Public Folder – Golden Record / Images
Similar to the images on the Golden Record, all 120 artist contributions for the book were encoded and stored as audio sound. Each image takes 10sec and can be read-out (made visible) by a spectrum analyzer.